We provide warehousing services across the country, We assist with right size at the right location, we are  fulfilling all your warehousing needs through cutting edge technology with trained manpower.


1) Space - We assist you to plan an Optimum  storage space, both Horizontally & Vertically.  We offer both Dedicated and shared facilities depending upon the requirement with scalability options.

2) Infrastructure - Be it be fully Automated, Semi Automated or conventional type warehouse, Our offer is with a right blend of solution through our experienced solution design team.

3) Manpower - Men or  Women, are a key part of any successful venture / association, with a pool of agency to provide such skilled  and Unskilled resource, we are sure to handle all your seasonality businesses which requires Ramp up & Ramp down in a short notice.  Labour Compliance is a key Mandate for us.

4) Commercial - Be it a Cost Plus, CPU based, % of Sale value based billing, We are highly transparent to bring cost benefit to the customer.


With our Modern material handling equipment's & Manpower with required skill sets, we provide faster & efficient handling of your packages.  All our warehouses work with our state of art WMS, this can be interfaced with any of the client's software or ERP.