Vision & Mission

IBOB VISION: To create supply chain solutions that are Technology enabled, Value accretive and deliver Positive Social Impact.

IBOB MISSION: Hyper-Connected Warehouses, Transportation and Customers network supported by Technology enablement for superior Supply chain Orchestration and absolutely on demand.

IBOB VALUES: To Be Open, Honest & Fair in whatever we do, do it Right, Straight & Together for the People.


A warehouse is a building for storing goods, We at IBOB understand that this is more than just a storage of goods, but an emotion for many of the unknown faces.  We at IBOB believe that blend of Technology & Traditional measure is a right combination of Men & Machine.

The Supply Chain that India Needs:

1.     The one that gives information ahead for decision making

2.     As precise as planned when executed

3.     Less than the budgeted cost

4.     Reduces cost and increase the business for clients year on year

5.     Completely technology based with less human intervention

6.     Handles exponential growth

7.     Customer refers to someone else basis experience


A bunch of experienced members saw the need to develop such a Supply chain for the Indian market, thus IBOB SCS formed as a sub brand of SF International in India in Oct 2020.

Within a short span , IBOB SCS has been a frontrunner in expanding footprints across the country delivering logistical solutions to all Major brands. Utilizing the international and domestic experience coupled with cutting edge Technologies IBOB SCS is evolving into a powerhouse by offering End to End Logistics paradigm for its customers. 


 IBOB Team

Dr. Arunachalam. R



  • Designation: MD & CEO


  • Qualification : Engineer, MBA, Ph.D


  • Earlier Association: ProConnect Supply chain Solutions Limited, Redington India Limited, Fairtrade LLC (Gulf Country), Alacrity Electronics Limited. (Total Experience of approx 25 years)


  • Areas of Specialization: Forming and scaling of Supply chain companies, Value Creation, Setting up of Green and Brown Field distribution centers, M&A, Network Modelling, Digitalizing customer supply chain, help customers reach targeted ROI and effectively managing customers supply chain needs.


  • Contact- Email, Mobile: +91 9382332213.