SF profile

SF is one of China's leading comprehensive service providers of express logistics and it aims to provide customers with integrated and comprehensive logistics solutions. In addition to providing high-quality logistics services at the distribution end, SF has also extended its services to front-end processes, including production, supply, marketing, and distribution, for the value chain. Based on customer requirements, utilizing big data analysis and cloud computing technologies, SF provides customers with integrated logistics services including warehousing management, sales forecasting, and settlement management.


SF is also an intelligent logistics provider with the advantage of network scale. Boasting its mass logistics networks at home and abroad, SF is an integrated logistics service operator with Aviation network + Ground network + Information network.


SF International is committed to providing convenient and reliable logistics services, such as international express delivery, international e-commerce parcels, international freight forwarding, international warehousing, goods consolidation and forwarding services, for domestic and foreign manufacturers, trading companies, cross-border e-commerce companies and consumers. In addition, we can provide integrated and customized import/export supply chain solutions, including market access, transportation, customs clearance, delivery, warehousing and system, based on our customers’ needs. In October 2020, SF International provided the cross-border transportation for a first batch of 4,000 live sheep donated by Mongolia to China. This shipment was completed to a high level of quality thanks to our expansive operating network and robust resource scheduling capabilities.


SF Holding's international courier business has continued to grow. As of the end of the reporting period, SF International’s courier business served 78 nations and regions around the world, having added 16 new countries in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia since the end of 2019, including Kenya, Argentina, and Laos. We have also newly launched transportation services for international preferential distribution products and epidemic prevention supplies. SF International’s e-commerce business covers 225 countries and regions around the world. We rely on our self-operated international air transport resources, our own customs clearance guarantee capabilities, overseas local service teams and logistics networks to fully ensure the stability of our cross-border logistics operations, and at the same time, we are exploring multi-faceted cooperation with leading cross-border e-commerce platforms, achieving business stable growth.


In 2020, SF International has worked vigorously to develop its international freight business, and has continued to strengthen its system and network chassis capabilities. This has included a focus on exploring export routes from China to the USA and Europe, introducing first-class freight forwarding services in major ports, guaranteeing the availability of shipping space and containers, as well as the whole-hearted development of high-quality rail routes from China to Europe and Russia. In order to respond to urgent external market demand for epidemic prevention supplies and other international cargo air transport needs, SF International has rapidly opened up 30 new international all-cargo aircraft routes including from China to the Americas, Europe, and South and Southeast Asia. In 2020, our all-cargo aircraft carried a total volume of approximately 90,000 tonnes on international routes.

SF International provides its customers with full-scenario, integrated, self-controllable international supply chain solutions to help Chinese enterprises complete their overseas layout and help overseas brands expand at home and abroad. In 2020, SF International successfully established a number of overseas supply chain warehousing and distribution projects and cooperative relations with several industry-leading businesses to build bespoke, integrated, technology-driven supply chain logistics service capabilities, giving new momentum to SF Holding’s overseas business. SF International will continue to promote the development of China’s bonded port areas business, pursue the cultivation of the market, and leverage the assistance of technology and resource integration to provide customers with multiple-scenario, full-routing, customized bonded logistics solutions.

In 2020, the revenue from the Company’s international express business amounted to RMB5.973 billion, representing a year-on-year increase of 110.40%, making it the fastest growing business segment of the Company.